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Palace of Balqees

Palace of Balqees Balqees, Queen of Sheba: since her first beginning in the throne as a queen was inspired by her father's experience and skills in ruling the affairs of Sheba.

She got to know the principles of leadership and wisdom, and how to combine the blending of love, patience, kindness and strength in one spirit to rule the Kingdom, and overpass it borders to reach Babylon and part of South Africa.

Of the most beautiful monuments she left was her palace which was built of gold, crystal, pearls and sculpted clay, it was described as a legend throughout the ages with its subject panels and columns of gold and the floors and walls of beautifully carved marble.

Balqees, Queen of Sheba ruled from this great palace, where she combined all the ways of fine art and creativity that is difficult for any human to imitate. This state of the art land mark translates her love of art, good taste, harmony and blending in the colors. It was called Palace of Balqees.


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