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Balqees Fashion Design

Balqees Fashion Design is  Abaya Fashion Brand in the fashion industry that aims to be the best innovative Abaya brand in the UAE by bringing back Royalty & Elegance brought by Balqees rich history.

Balqees was the Queen of Sheba that represents elegance & royalty. It is the name that represents style and class years ago until present time.  Balqees Fashion Design aim to ensure every woman feel and dress like a Queen.  It offers a wide range of Clothing line such as Abayas, Shella, Jalabia ready to wear for any Casual, Business, Night Events and Royal gatherings. Every dress reflects the Balqees’ Royal theme and feel by blending the mix creation of the Arab world design, Indian sewing, detailed embroideries and magnificent Moroccan theme.  


Balqees to transform every Women to a Queen by:
  • Using a majestic design theme related about 3000 years civilization.
  • Mixing creative themes between the Arab world design to Indian sewing and detail of embroidery and magnificent craft of Moroccan Theme.
  • Top priority of incorporating world class quality materials such as fabrics, garments, threads, crystals and accessories.
  • To select the most professional and talented Hand stitching experts,
  • ‘One stop Shop’ having a wide range of Balqees product line to cover what women needs.


Balqees to be Number 1 innovative theme in Abaya Fashion Brand in the UAE by 2013, in the Middle East by 2015 and to be on Top 5 Fashion Brand worldwide by 2018.


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