“A woman modestly dressed is like a Pearl in its shell”

Our Story

Balqees Abaya is a Dubai based fashion house founded by Badrya Asjad in 2013. In honor of this region’s “IT” girl, we want the women to celebrate the desire for their modest attractive outfit styles. An important source of design inspiration for the Balqees Abaya was Queen Balqees who belongs to the royal family of Yemen. She was famous all over the world for her stunning good looks, adorable personality, intelligence, and deep affection for peacocks.

Our Aim

Decency and grace in design are important considerations for us, and we make every effort to provide our customers with a variety of options so that they can fully embrace their femininity in accordance with religious values. We want every woman to experience the joys of the modern world and pursue them with dignity by setting up a reliable and modern Abaya collection Order your dream-abaya, Now!

About Us

Balqees Fashion Design aims to make every woman feel and look like a Queen. All of our designs are a blend of the Middle East and India with intricate embroidery and a majestic Moroccan theme to create a truly unique look. Abayas, Sheilas, and Jalabiyas are just a few of the many styles available at Balqees for ladies who value elegance and outstanding style in their clothing. You can choose from a variety of styles, including classic black abayas and contemporary styles with vivid shades. We have an extensive collection of casual Abayas and semi-formal Abayas. All these beautifully designed outerwear can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s business, formal, or even a lavish party. We believe that modesty does not imply that you cannot be fashionable, and we strive to maintain the perfect balance between the two. Our fashion designers have a unique sense of style and are well-versed in the most recent fashion developments to provide modestly-tailored clothing in a wide variety of styles, from simple to extravagant. We are committed to offering excellent service at an affordable price while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Therefore, our collection is adored not only by our customers, but also by a wide variety of stylists, influencers, and TV representatives from all over the UAE.