The name Balqees comes from the Queen of Sheba, who ruled from a great palace,
where she combined all the ways of fine art and creativity that is difficult for any human to
imitate. The landmark that was her palace translates her love of art, good taste, harmony
and blending of colours.
Balqees was not only a Queen, but a seasoned and strong politician. Along with her
strength and power, She was a woman that carried a great amount of femininity. She
took great care of her over all well being and was very meticulous of her appearance.
As stories tell; Queen Balqees is described to have possessed super natural and unique
beauty. She wore exquisite gowns, dresses and robes in pure silk originated from
China and India, and threads from Africa. Every dress was made to be conservative
and modest, delicately embellished with decorative sewing, accessories and fine
embroideries. Her majestic Crown of Governance was jeweled and decorated with gold
and silver.


Balqees Fashion Design is an Abaya brand that aims to be the best innovative Abaya
brand in the UAE by bringing back Royalty & Elegance inspired by the rich history of
Queen Balqees.
Balqees Fashion Design aims to ensure that every woman feels and dresses like a

Balqees offers a wide range of clothing lines; such as Abayas, Sheilas, Jalabiyas,
which are designed to be worn for anycasual, business, night event or royal
Every dress aims to reflect the Balqees’ royal theme and feel, by blending the
mix creation of the Arab world design, Indian sewing, detailed embroideries and magnificent Moroccan theme.