Soft Purple Farasha Abaya With A Shiny Stone

د.إ1,575.00 د.إ945.00

Glammour Abaya, a chic blend of comfort and style. This soft purple farasha abaya is your go-to choice for casual elegance. Its flowy design adds a touch of glamour to your everyday look, while the subtle shimmer of the shiny stones enhances its charm.


Elevate your modest fashion game with our Glammour Abaya, a delightful fusion of comfort and contemporary style. Crafted in a soft and breathable fabric, this farasha abaya in a serene shade of purple offers a perfect balance between ease and sophistication.

What sets the Glammour Abaya apart is its subtle embellishment – shiny stones strategically placed to add a touch of sparkle without compromising the abaya’s understated charm. The incorporation of these stones adds a hint of glamour, making this abaya suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events.

Designed for versatility, the Glammour Abaya seamlessly transitions from day to night. Pair it with your favorite accessories for a more personalized touch or let it stand alone as a statement piece. The soft purple hue complements a variety of skin tones, making it a wardrobe staple for every fashion-forward woman.

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with this casually chic abaya that effortlessly enhances your everyday look. It’s time to redefine casual elegance with Glammour!


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